Thursday, March 17, 2011

Japan Love

In the wake of the devestating earthquake, tsunami, and now nuclear radiation crisis in northern Japan, many artists are showing their support by setting aside proceeds from sales of their work.

Two of Chicago's reigning plush toy masters, Lana Crooks and Shawnimals, are donating funds raised from the sale of items on their sites.

Shawnimal's Wee Ninja and Wee Devil (pictured above) are specially priced at $10 each this week with 100% of sales going to the Red Cross.  They've already raised $1,000 as of today, Thursday.

Simpletype Studio is offering this Daruma print for $20 with all the proceeds going to the Red Cross - Japan Relief Fund.  According to their site, Darumas are round holllow Japanese wish dolls in the shape of an egg.  They represent Bodhidharma, a Buddhist monk and founder of the art of Zen.  Because of their ability to right themselves back up after being pushed, these dolls have become a symbol for optimism, persistence, and strong determination.

Jesse LeDeux of LeDeuxville has produced a print in conjunction with Rhode Island's Tiny Showcase.
$25 from the sale of each $35 print will be donated to the International Red Cross' relief efforts in Japan.  This print is part of an unsigned edition and is available through March 29th.

Giant Robot in L.A. has organized a show opening this Saturday, March 19th with all proceeds from the sale of donated artwork going to Unicef and children in Japan.  Many great artists have already submitted art for the show including, Albert Reyes, Chris Bettig, Gary Baseman, Bigfoot, Jay Ryan, Deth P. Sun, David Choe, and Barry McGee/Twist. Items not sold Saturday will be available online beginning the next day.

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