Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Veggie Bingo at the Hideout

It's time once again for the weekly Veggie Bingo at the Hideout, which benefits different charities.  This year's series is centered on community gardens, with tonight's proceeds supporting Chicago People's Garden and Green Youth Farm.

There's a different bingo caller each week.  Tonight will feature Derek Erdman, one of the most interesting artists in Chicago.  He's moving to Austin, TX in a few months so he'll be giving away some of his possesions as some of the prizes for this evening.  Other prizes include gift certificates to area businesses.  Derek also drew the bingo card flyer pictured above.  Free regular and veggie hot dogs will be served.

at the Hideout
1354 W Wabansia (2 blks north of North Ave)
Chicago, IL

Wednesday, June 30, 2010
6 to 8 pm
Free Admission
Anyone under 21 must be accompanied by an adult
$1 per card
$5 for 6 cards

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Skullphone release

Skullphone will be releasing new prints at his Digital Media show tomorrow night Wednesday at L.A.'s Subliminal Projects.  Skullphone has spread his work around the country in the form of small stickers aping the stickers put out by a metal storefront rolldown gate company in NYC to much larger wheatpastes and posters featuring the image of his iconic skull talking on a cell phone (as well as other drawings).

Skullphone's current show is comprised of images in a painted pointilist style on polished aluminum that give it a look similar to an LED light display.

This is an image from when Skullphone's images were broadcast from L.A.'s first digital billboards in 2008.

This is a video showing Skullphone putting up his work in the streets.

There'll be 4 new prints available through Subliminal Projects as well as some t-shirts.

Skullphone:  Digital Media
Subliminal Projects
1331 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA

Wednesday, June 30, 2010
7 to 9 pm

The show opened earlier this month and will be on view through this Friday, July 2nd.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Art for the Gulf

Dolan Geiman

Art blog My Love For You is a Stampede of Horses is sponsoring an online sale of artwork donated by over 100 artists from around the country.  Organized by Meighan O'Toole, this sale kicks off today at 12pm PST (2pm Chicago time) with proceeds benefiting the Gulf Restoration Network, which is dedicated to protecting and restoring the natural resources of the gulf region in the southeast U.S.

This link will go live in a couple of hours but in the meantime here's a preview of some of the artwork available...
Martha Rich

Justin Durand

Melinda Josie

The online sale will last for one week with new artwork being added as pieces are sold.  Here's a list of the artists participating so far...

Alex Lukas, Alex McLeod, Alexis Amann, Allison Sommers, Allyson Mellberg Taylor, Andrea Daquino, Amanda Michelle Smith, Amy Casey, Amy Sol, Amy Ruppel, Andrea D’Aquino, Annie Koelle, Ashley Anna Brown, Ashley Lande, Audrey Erickson, Ben Venom, Bill Dunlap, Breanne Trammell, Casey Jex Smith, Catherine Campbell, Catherine Ryan,Chad Chesko, Chris Koelle, Chris Piascik, Christian Rex Van Minnen, Corey Corcoran, Crystal Morey, Dan Gluibizzi, Danna Ray, David Galletly, Derek Weisberg, Dolan Geiman, Ehren Reed, Elbow-Toe, Elisabeth Timpone, Emily Barletta, Esther Pearl Watson, Forestbound, Hannah Stouffer, Happy Owl Glassworks, Hilary Pecis, Irana Douer, Jason Brammer, Jenny Hart, Jennifer Renninger, Jesse Draxler, Jessica Cannon, Jill Bliss, John Casey, Josie Morway, Julianna Swaney, Justin B. Nelson, Justin Richel, Kate Bingaman-Burt, Kate Miss, Kenn Goodall, Kevin Earl Taylor, Know Hope, Kyle Ranson, Lane Collins, Lena Wolff, Lindsey Carr, Lisa Congdon, Lisa Hanawalt, Lisa Romero, Little Paper Planes, Lizzy Stewart, Luke Ramsey , Mark Todd, Martha Rich, Mary Kate McDevitt, Melinda Josie, Michael McConnell, Mike Maxwell, Mon Petit Fantome, Other, Porous Walker, Raul Gonzalez, Remi Thornton, Roll and Tumble Press, Shannon Rankin, Stacey Rozich, Sub-Studio Design Store, Tara Lisa Foley, Tristram Lansdowne, WAFA, Wendy McNaughton, and Will Bryant.

Friday, June 25, 2010

There, Now It Will Last Forever

The Post Family is opening a new exhibition tonight featuring work by "environmentally minded and motivated artists".  There'll be a range of drawings, collages, paintings, and installations by Davey Sommers, Scott Thomas, INDO, Stephen Eichhorn, Jenny Kendler, Ben Speckmann, Michael Ruggirello, Ron Ewert,  Molly Schafer, and Mike Fortress.

Now It Will Last Forever:  Views of Nature and Conceptions of Preservation
@The Post Family
1821 W Hubbard #202
Chicago, IL

Opening Friday, June 25, 2010
7pm to midnight

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Engender Trouble

New Rogers Park gallery, Iceberg, will be screening two short films beginning this coming Saturday. Info from their site...

"Engender Trouble"

Two Video Premieres: Doug Ischar, Doug Ischar/Tom Daws
Exhibition of New Works by Elijah Burgher, Erin Leland and Michael Sirianni
Engender Trouble
‘come lontano’

come lontano (2010) is a perverse historical romance in which two lives are exposed, inter-mixed, doused with sentiment, and – hopefully - redeemed. The work revolves around a central ‘couple’ - Pier Paolo Pasolini and Maria Callas. There is a third main character, an ambiguous villain made of steel, glass and rubber. Each member of our central couple has her/his own external distractions which impinge – to varying degrees - on their brief, ecstatic encounter. This encounter was in fact a cinematic collaboration; it’s product the film Medea (1969)
 come lontano is a formal experiment in which cinematic tropes serve as organizing devices for a work which anxiously seeks to distinguish itself from post-modern precedent. It hates with all its heart the notion of appropriation. It prefers theft, seduction, and passion - even if the theft is aggravated, the seduction botched, the passion unrequited. One might view the come lontano as a meager analog to Pasolini’s masterpiece, Salo, in which the pleasures of the masters – in this case the filmmaker – are taken to monstrous extremes for which no apology is offered, no acquittal sought.

come lontano is a heartfelt homage to two singular artists whose utterly different lives, personas, and politics intersected briefly in the production of one radiant film, leaving them forever changed. (NTSC; 22 minutes) World premier.
CB (2010) is an experimental bio-pic: its heroine, Charlotte Brontë. A collaboration between Doug Ischar and Tom Daws, CB was commissioned by the Laumeier Museum, St. Louis, for their inaugural Nightlight series; it premiered in St. Louis on June 11th.

The film was inspired by a 1976 audio recording of a séance with Charlotte Brontë, of which the film makes ample use. But the séance audio is merely the tip of the affective iceberg as its heroine turns out to have an emotional – not to mention intellectual – life of epic proportions. Her searing letters – another primary element in the video – throw the eerie platitudes of the séance into razor-sharp relief and disclose a 19th century woman whose brief life was both an artistic triumph and a relentless battle against grief, loss, and despair. Her dark moments – confided in her letters – drove the film far beyond the initial ambitions of its makers. ‘CB’ uses footage from a 1947 Hollywood production of Jane Eyre – co-staring a very young Elizabeth Taylor (un-credited) – to augment enactments of scenes inspired by the ambiguous nature – both conversation with the dead and univocal performance - of the séance audio. Staring Erin Leland, Charlotte Geissler, Jalyn Mosely, and Gwendolyn Geisler; cinematography by Mike Gibisser; concept, research, editing and direction by Doug Ischar and Tom Daws. (high-definition video; 16.5 minutes) Chicago premiere.

Opening June 26th, 2010 6-9 PM
The first film, Come Lontano will begin at 6:45 and the second, CB will start at 7:15. We will continue to alternate film showings again at 8, then 8:30 and 9 PM.
There will be another opportunity to see the films on July 10th and the show will be up till the end of June.

7714 N Sheridan Rd
Chicago, IL

Strangelight DIY Fair

This Saturday, Logan Square artspace Strangelight is holding a DIY fair featuring zines, crafts, records, and more.  Work from over 40 vendors will help support the charity of their choice.  I love the poster design by screenprinter Ryan Duggan.  He always does great work.

2123 N Milwaukee Ave (in the Congress Theater building)
Chicago, IL

Saturday, June 26, 2010
1 to 5 pm

Friday, June 18, 2010

Takin' It to the Streets

I went to this festival when it was first presented several years ago in Marquette Park by the Inner-City Muslim Action Network.  They had graffiti painting, breakdancing, and a small crowd. Headlining acts that day included Jurassic 5 and Brother Ali.  This year, the free festival has expanded to four music stages and they're expecting 20,000 people.  Brother Ali from Minneapolis is performing again, along with Mos Def, and many folk and international groups.  There should be a lot of great music.  There's an article in this week's Chicago Reader here with more info as well as a full roster of artists and activities posted at the festival's site.

Talkin' It to the Streets
Marquette Park at 67th st and Kedzie
Entrances are on Marquette at Kedzie, Sacramento, and California Ave.
Chicago, IL
Saturday, June 19, 2010
9am to 9pm

Lloyd Durling at Golden

London-based painter Lloyd Durling will have a show of work opening tonight at Golden in Lakeview.  Golden will also kick off the opening of their new 2nd space a few blocks away at 3319 N Broadway.  This new auxiliary space will feature a wider range of artists, "focusing on fresh rotations of affordable works."

Lloyd Durling:  Laughter Staggers On
816 W Newport #1
Chicago, IL

Friday, June 18, 2010
6 to 9 pm
The show will be up through July 24, 2010

Jesus Javier at Peregrineprogram

I've been wanting to check out this space for a while.  Peregrineprogam has an opening of work by Jesus Javier.  The gallery is located in that netherworld between Chinatown and Pilsen along the Chicago River.

Jesus Javier:  Brown, and Beige - A Finite, and Infinite
500 W Cermak Rd #727
Chicago, IL

Opening reception is tonight, Friday, June 18, 2010
6 to 8 pm
The show will be on view through July 3, 2010

Ladies & Gentlemonsters

New handmade soft sculptures and artwork by Lana Crooks and Missmonster will be appearing tomorrow Saturday at Revolution Tattoo.

Here's a piece titled, "Clumsy Kraken" that Lana had on display at OhNo!Doom gallery last year...

Lana Crooks & Missmonster: Ladies & Gentlemonsters
Revolution Tattoo
2221 N Western Ave
Chicago, IL

Opening Saturday, June 19, 2010
8 to 11 pm
On view through July 31, 2010

Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Western Exhibitions is showing work by Daniel Albrigo and Genesis Breyer P-Orridge tonight.

They'll also be hosting a show curated by Ryan Travis Christian titled, The Power of Selection, Pt, 2.

Daniel Albrigo and Genesis Breyer P-Orridge:  Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is... A Love Story
paired with The Power of Selection, Pt. 2.
Western Exhibitions
119 N Peoria #2A
Chicago, IL

Opening Friday, June 18, 2010
5 to 8 pm
On view through August 7, 2010

Contemporary Collage

Juan Angel Chavez, Muscle, Guts, and Luck, 2005

Contemporary collage inspired work by Juan Angel Chavez, Lydia Diemer, Stephen Eichhorn, Clark Ellithorpe, Chad Kouri, Alexis Mackenzie, Leslie Mutchler, and Neva Sills.  Opening tonight at the NEIU Fine Arts Center Gallery.

Contemporary Collage
Northeastern Illinois University Fine Arts Center Gallery
5500 N St. Louis
Chicago, IL

Opening reception Friday, June 18, 2010
6 to 9 pm
On exhibit through July 23, 2010

Secret Language

Pilsen artist, Jeff Abbey Maldonado has a show opening tonight at Carlos & Dominguez Fine Arts Gallery. Info from his site...

This is the first art exhibit by Jeff Abbey Maldonado since the tragic loss of his son, Jeff Jr., to a senseless act of gun violence last July. We celebrate his return and invite you to meet him at the opening event. There will be catered food and beverages. Remember, this is a CELEBRATION!
For this exhibit, Jeff states, " I began making art again in December, 2009. The effort gave me purpose and direction in a time when I needed it most. Everything reminds me of Jeff Jr. In our home life, we adopted a number of jests and routines which served to cement our bond through play and creativity. I recall these memories, words, and phrases which morphed into our private jokes, sometimes far from their original source.

Graphite on paper is the most direct means of visual expression. It also requires a physical effort to achieve a proper surface. During that time, I listened to Jeff's music and it gave me the power to push on and begin creating again. Near the end of my paper supply, I was propelled into my own stratosphere, where thoughts were transformed several times into images with the faintest connection, and yet with high emotion.

Over 20 drawings resulted in the effort. The last of these, "Body Shop", marked the return of my earlier themes and symbols--Cars and Women: The rebuilding of the spirit through the eternal life-giving power of the woman, and the symbolism of the classic American automobile.

The automobile has symbolized our identity and status. I was painting a series of auto crashes, which represented our collective state as a country, up until the moment of our own loss. I felt I could never return to these works, as they belonged to another time. Yet, in the process, they have re-emerged and are re-interpreted into symbols of power and memory."

Jeff Abbey Maldonado: Secret Language
Carlos & Dominguez Fine Arts Gallery
1538 W Cullerton
Chicago, IL

Opening reception Friday, June 18, 2010
6 to 10 pm

Friday, June 11, 2010


Drawn & Quarterly has recently published Daniel Clowes' first graphic novel, Wilson.  Featuring a series of comic strips done in different styles, the set portrays events and small moments in the title character's life, emerging as one story.  I flipped through it and liked the drawings but I'm waiting to read it after I buy it at Quimby's Books this Saturday, when Dan will be signing his book there.  I'd suggest arriving early based on the turnout he received here several years ago during the Printers Row Book Fair.

Daniel Clowes: Wilson book signing
Saturday, June 12, 2010
18541 W North Ave
Chicago, IL

Printers Row Book Fair

I still can't get over the name change to the Printers Row Lit Fest so I'm just gonna keep calling it the Printers Row Book Fair.  Anyhow, it's always worth going to.  There's well over 100 exhibitors selling books and more at this event including the McSweeney's media empire from S.F., Drawn & Quarterly from Canada, and Chicago's rare grooves reissue label, Numero Group.

This year, there'll be more events presented after the bookselling Saturday during "Lit After Dark".  You can find the schedule for that here.

Printers Row Lit Fest
Saturday & Sunday, June 12 & 13, 2010
10 am to 6 pm
Lit After Dark
6 to 9 pm on Saturday night

Humboldt Park Art Fair

This Saturday is the 4th annual Humboldt Park Art Fair.  Featuring work by local artists and two stages of bands and dj's.  It should make for a fun afternoon.

Humboldt Park Art Fair
Saturday, June 12, 2010
Noon to 10pm
@the Humboldt Park Boat House
1440 N Sacramento
Chicago, IL

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Last Paintings

Chicago painter Justin B. Williams presents work positioned as a faux memorial show for himself at Monument 2 Gallery this Saturday night. More info here.

Justin B. Williams: The Last Paintings
Monument 2 Gallery
2007 N Point
Chicago, IL

One night show only.  Reception Saturday, June 12, 2010
6 to 10 pm

Long Live 65Grand

After being forced to shut down their current apartment gallery space due to city zoning regulations, 65Grand is closing with a special show celebrating their 5 years in existence.  Nearly 2 dozen artists who have shown there before will have work on display.

65Grand will open in a new space this September.

Here's a couple of videos I shot at their David Leggett show a couple of months ago...

The First Five Years
1378 W Grand (3rd flr)
Entrance around the corner
Chicago, IL

Reception Friday, June 11, 2010
7pm to 1am

Bad Mother Fucker Day

It's time once again for the annual Bad Mother Fucker Day show at Pilsen's Gallery 54b celebrating their 2nd year in existence.  I'll be showing some work there tomorrow Friday, along with some great artists like Squirrely G, SOLO RM, NERD XMEN, Analu Maria Lopez, SUER KYM TMB, DECADES, Jose Cassillas, Anne Heisler, Michelle Wodzinski, and Marissa De La Mora.

Curated by Brain Evan.

Bad Mother Fucker Day!
at Gallery 54B
2128 S Halsted (the address listed on the flyer above is incorrect)
Chicago, IL

Opening reception Friday, June 11, 2010
6 to 11 pm

This opening coincides nicely with Ray Noland's show, which is opening at the same time at the new Chicago Urban Art Society space 1 block south at 2229 S Halsted.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Sweet Tea & American Values

Ray Noland has a new show opening up this Friday.  Featuring a range of work touching on race, Blagojevich, and Mayor Daley, many surprises are in store.  This show will also be the inaugural exhibition at the Chicago Urban Art Society's brand spankin' new gallery space in Pilsen.  Founded by curators Lauren Pacheco and Peter Kepha, CUAS consists of 4,000 square feet of exhibition and studio space, and promises many great shows in the same vein as the ones presented at their previous 32nd & Urban gallery space.

Here's a video of Ray creating a piece with Mayor Daley in riot gear.  Screenprints of this image will be available Friday...

Daley Riot from CRO on Vimeo.

Ray Noland:  Sweet Tea & American Values
Chicago Urban Art Society
2229 S Halsted St
Chicago, IL

Opening reception, Friday, June 11, 2010
6 to 11 pm
The exhibition will be on view through July 30, 2010

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Artist's Talk with Stan Chisholm

St. Louis's hardest working artist, Stan Chisholm, has a show at the Hyde Park Art Center that's closing tomorrow Sunday.  He'll be there at 3pm to speak about his work.  Info from their site...
This month features Stan Chisholm, artist of the exhibition ThingsThatNeverReallyHappened. Chisholm draws on a variety of sources to create a multi-perspective storyline swirling together American history, personal recollections and stories and images spewed from pop culture. This exhibition is on view through June 6, 2010.

Stan Chisholm: ThingsThatNeverReallyHappened
Artist's Talk
Sunday, June, 6, 2010
Hyde Park Art Center
5020 S Cornell 
Chicago, IL

Show and Tell

It's time once again for the monthly Show and Tell show.  Fresh off the success of last month's expanded show at their new venue in Lincoln Park, Show and Tell features interviews with and performances by Chicago artists and designers.  Tomorrow night's edition will feature Ezra Clayton Daniels, Nathan Kirkman, Object Design League, Jennifer Farrell, the Curious Cardigans, and a mystery guest!

The Show 'n Tell Show
Sunday, June 6, 2010
Lincoln Hall
2424 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL
Doors open at 7pm
The show begins at 8pm

Friday, June 04, 2010

Dzine at Six Points

Chicago's Dzine, is the lastest artist to be featured at Six Points, the Nike Sportswear/St. Alfred's collab shop in Wicker Park.  Tonight's opening reception will feature t-shirts by Dzine that will be screenprinted on the spot.  A portion of the proceeds from sales tonight will be donated to Franklin Fine Arts Center, an arts based magnet school in Chicago.

There will be complimentary food from Nuevo Leon as well as beer and wine.  DJ's Jesse de la Pena and James Curd will be spinning.  Tonight's opening is 21+ but there will also be a family-oriented reception tomorrow Saturday at the space from noon to 8 pm.  There'll be a DJ and an ice cream truck from 1 to 6 pm.

Dzine at Six Points/St. Alfred's
1529 N Milwaukee Ave
Opening Friday, June 4, 2010
7 to 11 pm

Haricots Magiques

If you happen to be in San Francisco tonight, I would highly recommend checking out Porous Walker's show at Upper Playground's gallery, Fifty24SF.  I couldn't get enough of his hilarious drawings on manila folders from his previous show at the Believe Inn in Chicago.  For that show the walls and ceiling of the gallery were covered with his work, including a series of Starbucks employees serving lattes nude.

Porous Walker:  Haricots Magiques
Fifty24SF Gallery
218 Fillmore St
San Francisco, CA

Opening reception Friday, June 4, 2010
7:30 pm
The show will be up through July 26, 2010


Located in the same part of West Town as tonight's openings at Intuit and Noble & Superior Projects, The Architrouve presents a show of sculptures by Donna Hapac and photography by Paul Clark.

Donna Hapac and Paul Clark:  Contexture
The Architrouve
1433 W Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL

Opening reception Friday, June 4, 2010
beginning at 6pm

On view through July 23, 2010

Life Lines: The Drawings of Charles Steffen

Charles Steffen studied art during the 1940's and suffered a mental breakdown at the time.  He spent 15 years at Elgin State Hospital diagnosed with schizophrenia.  He continued to produce drawings daily after his release.  During the last 5 years of his life Steffen decided to start saving his artwork and leave his drawings with a nephew who had taken an interest in his art.  Christopher Preissing ended up receiving over 2,000 artworks.

Intuit is presenting a show from Preissing's collection.  Info from their site... This retrospective features 30 pieces of Charles Steffen's work, covering a variety of imagery he knew in his limited sphere: neighbors, his mother, flowers and plants from the yard, a woman he once loved, and scenes from the Elgin State Hospital. More fantastical drawings show his experimentation in creating human forms merged with plants and distorting or combining male and female features.  

Russell Bowman Art Advisory in River North will also have a group show opening tonight of work by James Castle, Joseph Yoakum, and Steffen.  All three are self-taught artists.  Castle was born deaf and lived his life on a farm in Idaho.  He made drawings on paper using materials like soot and saliva.  Yoakum produced drawings based on his railroad travels while working for various circuses in the mid-20th century.  

Life Lines:  The Drawings of Charles Steffen
756 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL

Opening reception, Friday, June 4, 2010
5 to 8 pm
This free exhibition will be up through August 28, 2010

at Russell Bowman Art Advisory
311 W Superior
Chicago, IL

Opening reception, Friday, June 4, 2010
5:30 to 8 pm
This show will be up through July 17, 2010

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Sense Objects

Kate O'Neill presents a series of photographs at Noble & Superior Projects titled, "Third Law", composed of "a series of constructed performances arranged for the camera, employing banal materials and delving into futile gestures, ambiguity and absurd compositions." While Rebecca Kressley presents On The South Lock Over Shine, a sound piece immersed within an installation of everyday materials designed to decay and collapse over time.

Kate O'Neill and Rebecca Kressley:  Sense Objects
1418 W Superior St
Unit 2R in the rear coach house
Chicago, IL

Opening reception, Friday, June 4, 2010
6 to 10 pm

The exhibition runs through July 7, 2010

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Stop Pop & Roll

Stop Pop & Roll, originally uploaded by AAKASH NIHALANI.
New York artist Aakash Nihalani has this new video out documenting the making of a piece he made for a stop sign in DUMBO, Brooklyn (pictured above). You also see some other current street art along the way as he walks through the neighborhood.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Got a nice shoutout in Giant Robot

Thanks to Eric Nakamura of Giant Robot magazine for the review of my zine. 

He also covered some Chicago graff zines, "Grime Time" and "Ghetto P's Big Butt Magazine". "Grime Time"  features a picture I shot of THOR on the cover.