Thursday, July 15, 2010

Monumental Kitty

There's less than 48 hours left to help support the creation of this "Monumental Kitty" sculpture in Detroit.  Designed by local artist, Jerome Ferretii, this sculpture will welcome people to the neighborhood of Corktown.  You can pledge as little as $1.00 through Kickstarter.  Detroit's Loveland project, which let's you build and create on land in Detroit one square inch at a time, is supporting the Monumental Kitty project by offering square inches of land in their colony corresponding to the amount of money you donate.

Here's the info from Kickstarter...

Monumental Kitty is a sculpture designed by Jerome Ferretti, an artist who has lived and worked in the Corktown neighborhood of Detroit, Michigan for 30 years.
When constructed, Monumental Kitty will rest at the north foot of the Corktown Pedestrian Overpass. This overpass once served as a direct pathway to Detroit's old Tiger Stadium, for those attending baseball games. Old Tiger Stadium has been demolished, but the pedestrian overpass still serves as a gateway, connecting the two very active neighborhoods of North and South Corktown.
This sculpture is a Corktown Residents' Council project and part of the first of a three phase project to beautify the overpass, serving as an icon for the neighborhood that will both welcome and say farewell to Corktown's residents and visitors.
100% of your donation here goes to the creation of Monumental Kitty. TeamLOVELAND has adopted part of the funding of this sculpture and as a reward is offering inches in the Hello World microhood to everyone who backs this project. So, in addition to funding the sculpture, for every dollar you donate you'll get a square inch of land in Detroit via the LOVELAND project and a special Monumental Kitty badge on the site!
For more information on Jerome and his work, visit his website here:
For more information on LOVELAND and our work, visit our website here:
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If you have any questions, contact me, Mary Lorene Carter, at 734-552-2438 or mary[at]makeloveland[dot]com, or LOVELAND founder and creative director, Jerry Paffendorf, at 908-343-1981 or jerry[at]makeloveland[dot]com.
So, get in there! Fund art, get land, make cool stuff happen, and join the inchventure!
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