Saturday, July 24, 2010

Comics Reading tonight

Comics Reading
at the Fun House

I'm only familiar with Edie Fake's work from the following list but I'm looking forward to checking out the other comics as well.

Sara Drake (Arty Party)
Edie Fake (Gaylord Phoenix)
Rickey Gonzales (Victims at the End of the World)
Aaron Renier (Spiral-Bound)
Sam Sharpe (These Yams Are Delicious)

Saturday, July 24, 2010
1743 N Mozart
Chicago, IL


Jeremy Tinder said...

Were you there? I didn't see you.

Oscar Arriola said...

What? We talked for 10 minutes!

Oscar Arriola said...

ha, no I was heading there and got sidetracked to the THC mural that was being painted in Logan Square. Then I had to hurry to get to the Spudnik Press thing at Happy Dog before it ended at 10.

How did it go?