Sunday, July 25, 2010


I was pleased to see the work of Mexican artist Jeronimo Lopez Ramirez, aka Dr. Lakra, gracing the cover of the new issue of Juxtapoz magazine.  Dr. Lakra started tattooing in the early 90's and moved to San Francisco for a few years after that.  He began working with images of movie stars and other people from vintage Mexican film magazines and advertisments and started to draw tattoo imagery on their faces and bodies.  Using designs from disparate cultures from around the world, Dr. Lakra has created a distinctive body of work. 

He has a show up right now at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston.  This is his first solo show in the US and features work from different series as well as a mural.  Here are some images from his Boston show...

This issue of Juxtapoz also has great interviews with filmaker John Waters expounding on his art and film career as well as an interview with Chilean artist Basco Vazco.  

Here's some pictures I shot of work by Basco on a rooftop in Brooklyn...

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