Saturday, November 15, 2008

Select Media Fest 7 - night 2

Tonight begins night 2 of Select Media Fest. Last night was a lot of fun. I may have lost some hearing but it was worth it. TRS-80 and video genius Eric Fensler flew in from L.A. to perform. Live drumming paired with electronic beats and video projections equaled a mini dance party. We were partying 'till 2 am. The art on hand was really well designed. Large scale work from artists and designers around the world presenting info in visually interesting ways. Logan Bay's installation had some pretty trippy and bleak pages from the old Choose Your Own Adventure series imbedded in it. I enjoyed the green laser beam pentagram in the dark basement as well.

Lumpen DVD #11 will be released tonight. Here's the info from their site....

Saturday November 15, 2008 8pm
Co-Prosperity Sphere • 3219 S Morgan St Chicago, IL
$10 suggested donation

Tonite we release our latest DVD project, Select DVD #11 the Infoporn Edition, containing works by Eric Fensler, Dungeon Magesty, Telefantasy Studios, Thunderhorse, Ola Vasiljeva, Peter Skvara, Jenni Rope, Rand Sevilla, a taste of the Dave The Lightbulb Man Show, TRS-80, and other awesome stuff. Get a complementary copy while supplies last.

The Infoporn Exhibition will be open for viewing all nite.

9pm: Screening: Select DVD #11 screening with! The Dave the Lightbulb Man Premier!!!

Afterwards: Not to miss Performances by DJ Douggound (of Tim and Eric fame),Eric Fensler (of Tim and Eric and Eric Fensler fame!), Pure Magical Love, DJ Shoulders and The Bearries.

ABOVE: Cover art for DVD designed by Logan Bay

The rest of the schedule is available at

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