Sunday, November 09, 2008

ITS OK Slim Limb Edition

Chicago's Sighn and Chris Kerr have teamed up to create this year's must have Secret Santa present. An edition of 50 ITS OK's hand painted with the faces of people you may or may not know. Each ITS OK comes with its own silkscreened "bed". You can also obtain a print containing all six bed options for your ITS OK's pleasure.

ITS OK is a phrase cut out of wood by Sighn in a limited numbered edition of one million. Sighn has surpassed the 2,500 mark and estimates that it will take him approximately 50 years to complete the edition. Get one before they're gone! You don't want to be art patron #1,000,001 and walk away dejected and empty-handed.

The ITS OK collaboration released today was produced for the cover of Argentinian art magazine Atypica and is available at Multi Polar Projects.

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