Thursday, February 03, 2011

MONO - John Riepenhoff and friends

John Riepenhoff, of Milwaukee's Green Gallery, has a show opening this Saturday at Peregrineprogram featuring work by John and friends.  Here's a description from their site...

 "It's a wall, a lamp, and a painting.
 When trying something new like inventing a fresh recipe, I find it nice to use a few simple proven
 ingredients. I and a group of talented artists copied a painting everyone seemed to love. It was 
 murmured that this is the feel-good painting of 2011, so soon. Our version is much larger than the
 original. It's designed to take your thoughts places without having to leave the comfort of Edmund's
 gallery or even pretend you're anywhere else. Similar to the work of Georges Seurat and Phil
 Spector, this piece dials in the harmonies of many channels of our experience to extract specifics
 of why we appreciate without losing sight of the big picture."
 -- John Riepenhoff

John Riepenhoff and friends: MONO
at Peregrineprogram
500 W Cermak Rd #727
Chicago, IL

Opening reception: Saturday, February 5, 2011
3 to 6 pm
On view through February 26, 2011

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