Friday, October 21, 2011


SUBP-A-ROHT has just released issue #2 of their drawing-oriented art zine.  Printed on oversize newsprint,  this free publication based in Thailand is dedicated to showcasing artwork by contemporary Southeast Asian artists and designers.  SUBP-A-ROHT is the brainchild of Logan Bay and Sandy Voratanitkitkul, who moved to Thailand from Chicago a few years ago.  Logan and Sandy began meeting many in the Thai art and design community and also started a site called Sook Yawd! to feature interviews with artists.  The title of the magazine is the English phonetic spelling of the word "pineapple" in Thai.

Issue #1 featured work by Thai artists.  Here are some pictures I shot at the local release at the Chicago Printers' Ball a few months ago...

The new monster/Halloween-themed issue #2 has expanded to also include contributors from Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, and Cambodia.

SUBP-A-ROHT will be available free tonight Friday at the MDW Fair in Bridgeport as well as a few other locations in Chicago.  It'll also be available in Miami, NYC, and San Francisco.

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