Friday, October 21, 2011

Save Chicago Public Libraries!

On a personal note, Chicago's Mayor Emanuel released his proposed 2012 budget last week and wants to fire over 1/4 of the entire staff of the Chicago Public Library in a few months.  He also wants to cut hours on Mondays and Fridays.  This would affect service to the public tremendously especially since the library system laid off 120 Library Pages 2 years ago.  Pages put the books back on the shelves and have many other duties including working as clerical staff at the circulation desks.

This morning they announced that the rest of the Library Pages (146 of them) would be fired, as well as 24 Librarians, and 112 Clerks.  If you live in Chicago please contact your local alderman to put pressure on the mayor and to vote against this cut.

You can find the contact info for your local alderman here.
Info for the Mayor's office is listed here.

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anne said...

I HOPE THAT cpl continues to give the excellent services that they have in the past. I rely on the library for checking out items, using the computer, attending adult and juvenile programs. I really appreciate the great CPL service. The library is a jewel for this city