Friday, May 13, 2011

Chicago Street Art book

In addition to the huge Chicago Street Art show, which I wrote about here,  tonight's also the release party for the Chicago Street Art book by Joseph J. Dupre.  I have some documentary photographs included in the book but I'm recommending it because it does a great job of introducing you to street artists whose work doesn't always get the recognition it deserves.

Here's a picture I have in the show with work by Solve, who was tragically killed three years ago...

...and this is a photograph by Chris Diers of a huge piece by Nice-One....

Artists covered in the book and the show include Artillery, Bonus Saves, Brooks Golden, Chris Silva, CLS, Senor Codo, Cody Hudson, CRO, Cyro, Chris Diers, Don't Fret, Emen, 80 Legs, Tom Fennel IV, "It's Yours, Take It", Goons, The Grocer, Juan Angel Chavez, Klepto Salem, Melt, Nick Adam, Oscar Arriola, Poor Kid, Safety First, Saro, Sighn, Solve, Tiptoe, The Viking, You Are Beautiful, and more.

The book is about 100 pages, 8 1/2 x 11" and will retail for $15.00.  Copies will be available tonight at the show opening from 6 to 11pm, as well as at the gallery during the duration of the show, online, and at local bookstores like Quimby's.

The Chicago Street Art show and book release party
at the Chicago Urban Art Society
2229 S Halsted (parking in rear)
Chicago, IL

Opening reception: Friday, May 13, 2011
6 to 11 pm
The show will be on view through June 4, 2011

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