Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tom Palazzolo films + dance party!!!

Tonight Sunday, the Chicago Underground Library and Odd Obsession Video will be presenting some short films by prolific Chicago filmmaker, Tom Palazzolo.  Tom has been documenting rarely covered elements of Chicago life since the late 60's.  Films like, The Bride Stripped Bare, which is about the unveiling of the Picasso sculpture in downtown Chicago, mixes humor with observation of the event.  His iconic films reveal people and moments in this city that I've never seen anywhere else.  The Tattooed Lady of Riverview Park shows you the legendary Riverview Amusement Park that used to be located on Western Ave and Belmont.

Filmed not too long before the park was uncermoniously shut down, Tom's film gives you a sense of the weirdness of the late 60's and of the amusement park itself.

The Art Institute of Chicago also recently had four of his films in constant rotation, including, Love It, Leave It, which I thought was genius.  That film has footage of circus clowns preparing for a parade, a nudist beauty pageant, and shows Chicago cops marching in formation with night sticks preparing to push through protesters.

Some of the short films scheduled to be screened tonight include Jerry's, Ricky & Rocky, Love It Leave It, The Bride Unveiled, and The Tattooed Lady of Riverview, among others.  Tom Palazzolo will be there at 7pm to introduce his films and there'll be a dance party afterwards at 9pm.  I highly recommend this event!

Tom Palazzolo Films
presented by the Chicago Underground Library + Odd Obsession Video
at High Concept Laboratories
1401 W Wabansia (across the street from and a little east of the Hideout Bar)
Chicago, IL
Sunday, January 30, 2011
7pm to midnight  - Films will be screened from 7 to 9 pm, dance party from 9 pm to midnight

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