Friday, April 02, 2010

Twin Formation

Noble & Superior Projects has a show opening tonight.  This is an apartment gallery in West Town that has a great exhibition program.  It should be good.

Info from their site...
Eric Veit's installation COMMUNAL LIVING features new digital paintings, abstract sculpture and light installation combined to investigate the complexity of human relationships, specifically his interest in the "poetic beauty" of conjoined twins. Veit explores concepts outside of the restrictions of media specificity in order to create complex and wide ranging installations that transform the gallery into a sublime territory.

Jon Satrom's TRENDS is a collection of images generated from inquiries using the data platform Google Trends. These often humorous and seemingly innocuous queries reveal more about the environment of ubiquitous databases than one might initially infer. Satrom's work consistently illustrates the innumerable possibilities and faults of digital media, positioning both user and viewer to be enveloped by the infinite body of knowledge found in contemporary information systems.

Eric Veit and Jon Satrom
Opening reception, Friday April 2, 2010
6 to 10 pm
Noble & Superior Projects
1418 W Superior (2R - In the rear coachhouse)
Chicago, IL

On view through May 4, 2010

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