Friday, April 30, 2010

Artropolis and NEXT

This weekend through May 3rd is the dates of the behemoth known as Artropolis.  Consisting of Art Chicago, NEXT (its more experimental and contemporary sister show), and the International Antiques Fair, Artropolis is well worth attending.  In past years I've seen a lot of great work like pieces by Deb Sokolow and Cody Hudson.  Or this model of a motel with video monitors in each room by Tracey Snelling...

One of my favorite parts of NEXT is the the Goffo section which is devoted to prints, zines, and other editioned artworks.  Cincinnati art publisher Iconoclast, will be there once again.  In past years they've offered things like these refillable markers by Phil Frost...
and this great Larceny photo zine by Twist and Amaze...

A new feature at this year's show will be Club Nutz, billed as "the world's smallest comedy club".  Run by Milwaukee artists Tyson and Scott Reeder, Club Nutz will be housed in a 10 by 10 foot area with a stage, disco ball, bar, dj booth, and its own bouncer.  They'll be programming films, comedy acts, and other events in their space for the duration of the fair.

The Merchandise Mart
7th Floor
Chicago, IL

Tickets are $20 per day but you can find free tickets here and there on Facebook (shhhh!)

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