Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Sea Hag honors those who paved the way

Canadian artist, The Sea Hag, just released this hand drawn sheet of tattoo flash honoring early boxcar artists Bozo Texino, Colossus of Roads, Coal Train, and Herby. Herby was well known for his dozing character under a palm tree drawings. Bozo Texino was renowned for the 1,000's of drawings on train cars incorporating his infinity 8 hat. Bozo Texino and the boxcar art tradition are also the subject of filmmaker Bill Daniel's Who Is Bozo Texino? documentary.

This print is 11" x 14". Contact for more info. Check out more of the Sea Hag's tattoo flash work here.


Melonious said...

Awesome.. i love that book you gave me on boxcar artists.

Nicky Dieter said...


Oscar Arriola said...

ha, you're welcome! I should keep a list. I forgot I gave you one Nicky D. I really like that book too.