Thursday, September 10, 2009

James Jankowiak at Antena

I love all the new stuff that James Jankowiak has been working on the past few years. His new installation opening tomorrow night should be fun to check out. Here's some info from the Antena Gallery site...

"James Jankowiak paints organically, each work becoming a ritual of repetition. The organic composition of each piece is part of the evolutionary arch of the manner in which he operates. Specifically, the artist is interested in how simple form can evolve from one incarnation to the next - each step a mutation that replicates what science reinforces about our beginnings and the larger history of the universe. His paintings stand as a testament of a personal meditation on the process of being a living thing, of beginnings and endings, creating and evolving."
- Michael Gardner

James was born and raised in the Back of the Yards neighborhood on the south side of Chicago. Although his early forays in the Chicago graffiti scene proved to be influential upon several generations of spray can artists, he always took risks with his art and continues to evolve as a painter and installation artist. His work has been exhibited at several notable institutions such as the MCA, Northwestern University and the SAIC’s Roger Brown Gallery, and also continues to be accessible to the community through his work as a teaching artist with Urban Gateways, A.R.T. and Gallery 37.

There's also going to be work by artist Mike Nourse in the Antena Gallery project space.

James Jankowiak and Mike Nourse
Opening reception is Friday, September 11, 2009
6 to 10 pm at
1765 S Laflin (just north of 18th st)
Chicago, IL

The show will be open by appointment through October 10, 2009

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