Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Contemporary Shanghai

Olivo Barbieri, Shanghai, 2001 from NSFE series

The Museum of Contemporary Photography has a show focusing on Shanghai opening tomorrow night. Info from their site...

Reversed Images: Representations of Shanghai and Its Contemporary Material Culture examines the city of Shanghai and its development into one of the global economy’s most productive cities in the new millennium. Shanghai is known for its impressive population growth, the increasingly rapid rate of its cultural and environmental transformations, and the tension between Western and traditional Chinese values, lifestyle, and work habits. In addition, the city is caught between a not-so-distant communism and a late-arriving capitalism, between a world founded on its labor force and the world of new technologies. Within this environment, the role of the arts becomes ever-important as artists look to interpret the experience of inhabiting a city and a time that is in the process of defining itself, struggling with the contradictory natures of its past, present, and future. The participating artists in this exhibition take various approaches to capturing a city that seems to continually transform before our eyes.

Zhang Qing, 603 Football Field, 2006, 13 digital prints

Reversed Images: Representations of Shanghai and Its Contemporary Material Culture
Museum of Contemporary Photography
600 S Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL

Opening reception: Thursday, September 24, 2009 5 to 7 pm

One of the photographers in the show, Olivo Barbieri, who documents urban environments from the air, will give a free talk at Columbia College's Ferguson Lecture Hall on the 1st floor, behind the museum at 600 S. Michigan Ave, Chicago. 6:30 pm, Thursday, September 24th.

The exhibition runs through December 23, 2009

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