Monday, February 02, 2009

Run Around Chicago

Thanks to Mr. Brooks Golden for pointing out this great video. "Run Around" by Jason Tyler, featuring Sam I Am, depicts parts of Chicago that a lot of people may not know. You've got Jo Jo Baby whose studio in the Flat Iron Building has brightened as well as upped the weirdness level of Wicker Park for years. There's the Rat Patrol, the custom bicycle posse who always appear out of nowhere when I'm out in the street, and best of all the video animates the Goons population that's hidden all over Chicago. And on top of that the song just has a fun vibe too.

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Andrew said...

i strolled through the flat iron building for the first time this past saturday, and yeah, jo jo baby's spot was both a little creepy and very intriguing. unfortunately, the door was closed and locked.