Thursday, February 05, 2009

Joseph Yoakum

Chicago's Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art, has recently opened a show of Joseph E. Yoakum's landscape drawings. Yoakum was an African-American artist who worked as a showbill poster for 5 different traveling circuses when he was younger. After he had retired he began drawing pictures based on places he had both seen and imagined. His rolling hills and distinctive drawing style were championed by and influenced many Chicago artists including Roger Brown, Jim Nutt, and Ray Yoshida.

This show catalog is available through Intuit's gift shop. The Picture Tells the Story: The Drawings of Joseph E. Yoakum will be on view through June 27th, 2009. Admission is free.

756 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL
1/2 block south of the CTA Blue Line's Chicago Ave station

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