Monday, October 27, 2008

Squishy Jesus

I have to admit that every time I'd go to the Art Institute of Chicago I'd do my best to avoid the area with the older, religious art. I'd go through looking at everything, marveling at the size of the huge paintings and checking out the weird acts of violence interspersed with naked people. But after a while they'd all just blur into a blob of unhappy pale faces and gold gilt. Eventually I'd come to admire the massive amount of time and skill put into the work but I'd still dash over to the contemporary side of the museum as soon as I could. It just wouldn't retain my interest. But all that has changed now that I've read Matti Allison's Squishy Jesus.

Squishy Jesus is the art history teacher I wish I'd had when I was in college. Through it, Matti introduces us to various paintings of the Madonna and Child throughout the centuries and highlights weird details within each work. It sort of feels like you're on the red carpet at an awards ceremony while Matti points out the silliness walking by. Check it out here.

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