Thursday, July 19, 2012

New issues of Of Note!

Philadelphia artist/printmaker Alex Lukas runs Cantab Publishing, an independent concern that puts out artist books and zines.  One of the projects he's been working on is Of Note, a series of zines documenting the imprint of humans on the built environment.  Each issue concentrates on a specific topic documented by b/w photographs and is composed of an 11" x 17" sheet folded over into quarters.  Past issues have included ones focusing on scribed names on a large plant, paintings of shoes on a storefront in Miami, and graffiti on rocks. 

Alex has just released a new round of issues and is offering them for free through his site for the cost of shipping ($2.00) or you can send him a self-addressed postage paid 6"x9" envelope with $2.00 in postage.  Issue #10 features images of tags done with lighters, #11 pictures "poorly blocked stairways", and #12 presents photos of hand painted couches.

I highly recommend ordering these.  The topics he concentrates on are the same type of subject matter I enjoy photographing and it's really interesting to see them presented in these tightly focused issues.  The spot color on the covers is screenprinted by Alex and each issue is printed in an edition of 150.

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