Friday, March 30, 2012

PLAY! at the Believe Inn

The folks at the Believe Inn in Bucktown opened a beautiful show titled, "Play!" last month. Featuring a really great selection of drawings, collages, and paintings, there's also an incredible collaborative piece in the front room.  Composed of an intricate installation combining artwork, video, and an original song, this room-sized work needs to be seen to be believed. My jaw literally dropped as the piece began. This video gives you a lil' preview of the show...

They'll be open tonight Friday, as well as the next 3 Saturdays.  There'll also be an opening by Mario Desa at Firecat Projects around the corner on Damen, which is in the post below.

at the Believe Inn
2043 N Winchester
Chicago, IL
Friday, March 30th 6 to 10 pm
as well as the first 3 Saturday afternoons in April

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