Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Neo-Country Sculpture Project

You only have until this coming Friday to order a completely unique gift by Chicago artist, Chris Kerr.  I've long enjoyed his paintings, prints, and installations shown at various art institutions.  Now you can have Chris create a ceramic paperweight, pipe, ashtray, soap dish, or pen holder with any theme you'd like.  Think of the possiblilites!  To give you some ideas check out some of the completed pieces Chris has already made in the past month based on people's requests...
Wheel of Fortune soap dish
Leprechaun pipe
Pabst Blue Ribbon pipe
Jesus pen holder
Death Metal pen holder
Kitty pipe
Wicked Witch of the West pipe

You can check out even more examples at the Slimlimb blog.
All pieces are $20 each including US shipping or $30 each for international shipping.
Order information is listed here.  The deadline is this Friday, December 3, 2010

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