Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tamales! Tamales!

There may be other tamales guys in Chicago but the one everyone prefers is Claudio the Tamales Guy. If you're a good boy or girl he will magically show up at the bar you're at and sell you a bag of tamales. These shots I took are from a very quick visit he made at Rainbo Club one night. You have to keep an eye out for him because he has many stops to make and hungry people to feed. You can keep track of his whereabouts with this handy dandy Tamale Guy Tracker produced by Scared Panda on Twitter.

And you can honor Claudio with this awesome new t-shirt designed by Chicago designer Kimberly McGuire.

This shirt is based on the Tamale Guy's iconic red cooler, which he uses to carry his tamales. The t-shirt is being produced by Scared Panda and 10% of the proceeds are going to Esperanza Community Services, which assists individuals with developmental disabilities.

You can read more about Claudio in these articles in the Chicago Tribune, Gaper's Block, and on the Chicago History Museum's blog.


mccool said...

if his myspace page was true, he is also in a band. but i havent been keeping up on tamale guy lately, cause i aint in bars at 3am no more!

Clint said...

Awesome post guys! Thanks for the love and all your support! I really appreciate it. Hope the new year is treating you well.

Oscar Arriola said...

You're welcome Clint! Everyone I've shown the tamale shirt photo to loves it. I need to order one soon.