Sunday, August 09, 2009

It Takes a Village to Bury a Child

The son of some friends was senselessly murdered a few weeks ago. He was a young artist who inspired his friends to create art and music. The following info is for a march scheduled this afternoon.

It Takes A Village To Bury A Child:
Artists and Activists Respond to the Killing

In the wake of the death by gunfire of artist Jeff Abbey Maldonado, Jr., Michael Hernandez De Luna, Pete Rodriguez and Miguel Cortez called a meeting to organize a community response to the rash of shootings in the area.

Sunday, Aug. 9, at 3:00 p.m. (PLEASE COME EARLY)
starting at Juarez High School, on 22d & Ashland.

PEACE MARCH against violence in PILSEN

DRESS IN WHITE and BRING WATER; It's gonna be a hot one.

22nd & Ashland North to 18th Street.
18th -East to Carpenter
Carpenter - South to Cullerton
Cullerton - West to the middle of the block DVORAK PARK. END in park.

We will be stopping at Blue Island and 18th Str for a moment of silence in memory of
Jeff Abbey Maldonado, Jr.

Following the march, "Casa Sandia" on the corner of 16th and Loomis. @ the home Sandy and Eric They have invited the group for a celebration in the yard, please bring something to share...

Join us with a Positive mind for Change...

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