Monday, July 20, 2009

Blast from the past

So I succumbed this morning to the the entity that is Facebook because I was tired of people asking if I was on there and then looking at me sadly when I said no. I linked up with people I knew and I just now heard from my friend Jenny from grade school.

Among her posted photos was our 5th grade class picture. I had actually lost that picture, and several other ones, after I had finished photocopying them for a birthday card I had made for Jenny when we were in high school together. I didn't think I'd ever see this picture again, so in spite of the hours of wasted time I have to look forward to on Facebook, I'm glad that she posted this...

There are a lot of great people, and one strict but very creative and dedicated teacher, in this picture. It also reminds me how mixed my school was. My best friend was Korean and I went to three classmate's Bat Mitzvahs in 8th grade there as well. Thanks Jenny!


pomomo said...

i was so proud of you for holding off so long!

alas, this better not cut into your 7 flickr uploads a week schedule, mister. :p

Oscar Arriola said...

Sadly it has. I'm obsessed. Poke me already!