Monday, December 01, 2008

Mess Hall gets Organized

Mess Hall, in Rogers Park, has a show opening tonight called Collections and Archives as a Creative Practice. Mess Hall is an arts space that's been open for several years now hosting all kinds of lectures, exhibitions, workshops, and events.

Info from Mess Hall...

The collecting and/or archiving of objects and information has emerged as a vital creative cultural practice. "Collections and Archives as a Creative Practice" presents the final projects of grad students from this University of Illinois at Chicago seminar that was team taught by Marc Fischer and Randall Szott.

Included are works in a great variety of formats and themes by:

Adam Farcus, Adam Trowbridge, Alejandro Borsani, Andrew Oleksiuk, Erica Moore, Erik Peterson, Faheem Majeed, Jeremiah Hulsebos-Spofford, Jesse Mclean, Jose Velazco, Maria Gaspar, Maria Jonsson, Mary Robnett, Michael Sirianni, Nicholas Wylie, Olivia Ciummo, Orson Panetti, Rachael Stine, Rebecca Grady, Ryan Murray, and Yuko Kato.

Among the many subjects of these collections, archives and projects: video store identification labels on old used VHS tapes, concert set lists, artists' stamps that have made it through the mail, documentation of empty Chicago storefronts that are available for lease, a massive trove of KISS concert and TV appearances on VHS, examples of "The End" title screens from a large array of old films, documentation of crushed "Crush" cans, African-American G.I. Joe toys, collected regrets by numerous mail respondents, and dozens of representations of Geishas.

An extensive free publication will be available at Mess Hall to accompany the exhibition.

Mess Hall
6932 N Glenwood, 1/2 block south of the Red Line Morse station entrance
(773) 465-4033

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